Meet Climate-Eval Rep to Steering Committee of 2014 International Conference

In late January, we advertised an opportunity to serve as representative of the Climate-Eval Community of Practice (CoP) in the Steering Committee currently planning 2nd International conference on Evaluating Climate and Development expected to hold in Washington DC in September 2014.

The 2nd international conference on evaluating climate change and development is a follow up from an initial conference held in Alexandria, Egypt in 2008 during which the idea of creating Climate-Eval originated. This follow-up conference aims to create space for evaluation professionals and a selected group of policy makers and practitioners from north and south to collectively explore how different methods and approaches to evaluate climate change, sustainable development and natural resources management have worked, and how they can be improved to address new and emerging issues.

In addition, this conference shall offer participants an opportunity to understand and identify innovative learning and knowledge sharing approaches that could lead to greater use of (emerging) evidence in climate change and sustainable development policies and interventions whilst serving as a platform for peer-exchange between participants from different disciplines and regions of the world.

Many dedicated and highly experienced and qualified Climate-Eval members expressed strong interest to carry out this responsibility. A jury of three was set up to review and grade the applications from which Dr Romeo Santos, evaluator and Professor at the University of Philippines was selected to represent the community.

Dr Romeo SantosDr Santos has many years of experience working on evaluation and climate change evaluation to be more specific in the Asia Pacific and global levels. He gives advice to the Philippine’s National Economic Development Administration (NEDA) in its initiative of establishing the National Evaluation Policy Framework. As Vice President of the Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) he is presently spearheading the design and planning of its First International Conference to be held in parallel with its general assembly.“With these exposures, plus the lessons I gained from actively practicing in Climate Change area of results-based development evaluation, I believe I will be able to bring a number of good things to the table” wrote Dr Santos in his application.

So join us in welcoming Dr Santos to the Steering committee. He will be reaching out to you all directly in the days ahead to listen to you, seek your inputs so as to properly reflect your thoughts and ideas in the steering committee. Dr Santos can be reached @

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