Plugging water security holes in a developing world (video)

Water is one of the valuable natural resources that climate change will affect. The climate projects lie on extreme sides that could bring extreme consequences. Too much water would submerge human settlements and destroy livelihoods and properties; too little of it would result to drought in already arid areas.

There are people and places that may seem less prone to these impacts. However, they already encounter another water problem. For them, access to clean and potable water has been for a long time and still remain a problem. Compound this by climate change impacts and it can lead to a water crisis.

This video documents the experience of improved water quality in Bucharest, irrigation in Morocco, and water footpringint in India. The film is produced by Monitor Films, and is part of the Global Challenges and Impact series which features the progress of on-going projects funded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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