Revisiting 2013 AEA Conference

About a week ago, the global evaluation community was in Washington DC for the annual American Evaluation Association conference. As one of the largest voluntary organization of professional evaluators (VOPEs) in the world with a strong tradition of influencing evaluation theory and the future direction of the trade, the conference always attracts huge interests.

AEA estimates that 3000 people attended this year’s event. Close to 900 presentations were on schedule spanning the breadth and depth of the field of evaluation. As usual education and health evaluation dominated the agenda.

But perhaps one the main sub plots of this year’s conference is what we may term ‘climate change’ topical interest group (TIG). Panels focused on climate change evaluations attracted sizable crowds with in-depth discussions on salient evaluation challenges.

I could not attend all of them -- but thought that you might be interested in some of the sessions and perhaps might even want to contact some discussants and presenters for further information. Following are links to key sessions on climate change:

And so what was your experience with the AEA conference? What are some of the learning that you might want to share with us?

In the meantime, Climate-Eval took part in a session on online communities of practice and how they influence practice and learning.

Watch the recorded session on Online Evaluation Communities of Practice: Influencing Practice and Affecting Learning, courtesy SEA Change CoP

Click here to view our presentation.

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