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The GEF and Cleantech: Evaluating Efforts to Build an Innovation Ecosystem

Global factors such as technological advances, lowered costs, available capital, consumer demand and climate change have been encouraging the development and deployment of clean technologies as part of low-carbon economic growth. To accelerate progress in this area, emerging market countries need to look at conditions to best support solution providers.

Evaluating the Role of the Private Sector in a Changing Climate

In the run-up towards the GEF’s seventh replenishment period (GEF-7 starting in 2018), the Independent Evaluation Office of the GEF undertook an evaluation focused on the GEF’s private sector engagement. The study analyzes the environmental finance landscape, assesses the GEF’s private sector engagement activities, and provides recommendations for roles, instruments and tangible measures that the GEF could incorporate to strengthen its collaboration with the private sector. The evaluation is based on extensive desk research, a survey among 60 GEF stakeholders, and in-depth interviews.

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