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COVID-19 - Statement from the Director of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office and related blog

Evaluation of COVID-19 Impacts: Insights for near real-time monitoring

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By: Madeleine McKinnon , Consultant
On: Monday, Jul 19, 2021

Blog co-author: Neeraj Negi, Senior Evaluator Officer, GEF IEO

Safeguarding People and the Environment Against Infectious Waste During Health Crises

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By: Peixuan Zhou , Evaluation Analyst
On: Wednesday, May 06, 2020

GEF’s support to countries is critical in promoting and implementing environmentally sound practices for medical waste treatment during health crises. It not only promotes global environmental benefits through best management practices, but also builds capacities in countries to minimize the impact of infectious waste on people. Synergies between health care and environmental sustainability are demonstrated through GEF-financed interventions, leading to overall reduction in harm to human health and the environment.

Evaluating Environmental Interventions in the Yellow Sea during the Pandemic

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By: Geeta Batra , Chief Evaluation Officer
On: Monday, May 04, 2020

Blog co-author: Gabriel Sidman, Evaluation Officer at the GEF Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO)


When Life Gives You Lemons…or a Pandemic - Finding Opportunity in Disaster

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By: Jeneen Reyes Garcia , Evaluation Officer
On: Thursday, Apr 30, 2020

Not in a hundred years has the world been hit by a pandemic this deadly. This means that most of us –whether project designer, implementer or evaluator—have no previous experience on how to cope with a crisis of this scale, nor anticipated it when assessing and preparing against risks to project outcomes. Even worse, how do project managers handle not just one but two shocks during project implementation?

Programs combating Illegal Wildlife Trade are instrumental in controlling and preventing pandemics

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By: Anupam Anand , Evaluation Officer
On: Monday, Apr 27, 2020

Blog co-author: Geeta Batra, Chief Evaluation Officer at the GEF Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO)