3rd Ozone Depleting Substances Phase-out (Montreal Protocol)

The project financed the incremental costs of conversion to non-ODS technology for a group of priority cost-effective sub-projects in four industrial sectors, contributing to reduce ODS consumption in Mexico. This project was the third Bank-implemented ODS phase out operation (ODS III) in Mexico. The first was the Ozone Protection Pilot Recycling and Training Project (OTF 21924, or ODS I), a USD180, 000 grant for a demonstration mobile air conditioning (MAC) service recycling sub-project and aerosol sector safety training sub-project.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Integrated environmental management

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Mitigation

Sub Cluster: 

Ozone depleting substances phase out projects

GEF Funding: 


Level of Evaluation: 



Latin America and Caribbean

Type of Evaluation: 

Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

Evaluation Author: 

LCE ENV Family; Mexico and Colombia; Latin America and the Caribbean Region

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