Bangladesh Coastal Embankment Rehabilitation Project

The Bangladesh Coastal Embankment Rehabilitation Project (CERP) was initiated in response to the devastating cyclone of 1987, and approved in 1995. The project closed in 2003. The overall project objective was to improve security of life, property, crops, and livestock along the cyclone-prone coastal areas. Project objectives were to provide cyclone protection, including improving the security of persons living in the protected areas, reducing damage to houses and other buildings and infrastructure, and minimizing the loss of crops and livestock; improve agricultural production, through preventing saline inundation during normal weather and improved cropping pattems due to reduced cyclone risks; and introduce improved technology in the design and construction of protection works, and improved methods of embankment maintenance.

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Oceans and coastal areas

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South Asia

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Project Performance Assessment Report


World Bank

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Operations Evaluation Department

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