Building the Local Capacity for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Private and Public Buildings (EE Project Bulgaria)

The goal of the project is to support a market transformation towards energy efficiency investments in buildings by: enhancing the awareness and capacity of local architects and engineers to better adopt energy efficiency measures into the design of new buildings and retrofit of the existing ones; enhancing the awareness and capacity of municipalities to plan and implement sustainable energy efficiency investments in public buildings; supporting and promoting the renovation of private residential buildings, incorporating energy efficient technologies, including related UNDP funded activities;increasing the demand for energy efficiency investments in the private service sector buildings with an initial focus on hotels; and building the capacity of the local energy service providers to effectively market their services and to meet the requirements of the targeted financiers to finance EE projects.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy efficiency

Theme of Evaluation: 

Building Energy Efficiency

Sub Cluster: 

Building energy efficiency

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Europe and Central Asia





Evaluation Author: 

Dr. Adil LARI and Mr. Belin MOLLOV

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