Capacity Development for renewable energy management

This mid-term review is coinciding with the reviews of the FNDP and the UNDAF. It is being undertaken with a view to providing an independent in-depth review of implementation progress, transparency and accountability and for documentation of lessons learnt. Further the review is intended to provide an analysis of how UNDP has positioned itself to add value in the response to the UNDAF and the FNDP and hence identify potential design problems, assess progress towards the achievement of objectives and to make recommendations regarding specific actions that might be taken to improve the programme delivery of results.

Thematic Cluster: 

Enabling/ empowering activities/ capacity building (government)

Theme of Evaluation: 

Enabling Activities

Level of Evaluation: 



Subsaharan Africa



Evaluation Author: 

Dr. Chiselebwe Ng'andwe & Dr. Kasolo Hassan

Year of Evaluation: