China, Zhejiang - Tianhuangping Hydroelectric Project

The project objectives are to alleviate an acute shortage of peaking power and enable more efficient use of power plants in a predominantly coal-fired thermal power system by transferning off-peak energy to peak with construction of the cost-effective and environmentally sound Tianhuangping pumped-storage hydroelectric plant and associated facilities; support economic reforms and enabling environment for attracting foreign investments and promoting private sector development by improving the quality of the power supply and enhancing socioeconomic conditions in densely populated East China regions; improve load management and promote energy conservation by introducing appropriate peaking power pricing; support institutional development of the beneficiary by strengthening its organization through an advanced management and staff training program; contribute to the development of an improved power utility regulatory framework; assist in transferning new power technologies for what will be the largest pumped-storage hydroelectric plant in China, and in applying modem power system operation optimization methods; and extend technical assistance in project design and implementation, and in promoting prudent financial management.

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Renewable energy

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Renewable Energy

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East Asia and Pacific

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Implementation Completion Report




World Bank

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East Asia Energy and Mining Sector Unit (EASEG)

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