Community Micro Hydro for Sustainable Livelihood

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small, mountainous, sparsely populated and predominantly rural Himalayan country, located between China to the North and India to the South. Bhutan has in excess of 30, 000 MW of hydropower potential, of which to date only around 5% has been developed. Bhutan has four large hydro power generating stations (Chhukha - 336 MW; Basochhu - 64 MW; Kurichhu - 60 MW; and Tala - 1020 MW) built with Indian and Austrian (Basochhu) government financing. The large hydropower projects in Bhutan have been primarily constructed to export electricity to India, although they also provide low cost electricity to the expanding Bhutan electrical grids.

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Renewable energy

Theme of Evaluation: 

Renewable Energy

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South Asia

Type of Evaluation: 

Final Evaluation



Evaluation Author: 

Frank Pool, International Consultant, New Zealand, and Tenpa Gurme, National Consultant, Bhutan

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