Delhi Mass Rapid Transport System Project Phase 2 (IV)

In recent years in India, urbanization continues to progress and the number of registered cars and motorcycles increase dramatically. As a result, the traffic congestion in urban areas has become a serious problem. In large cities like Delhi and Chennai, the traffic congestion accompanying the increase in road traffic demands has become a serious issue, accelerating economic loss and health hazards caused by environment contamination, noise and other forms of vehicle-related pollution. Consequently, there is a need to develop a most suited public transportation system for alleviating traffic congestion and reducing vehicle pollution. The objective of this project is to cope with the surge in traffic demand in the Delhi metropolitan area, the capital city of India, by extending the mass rapid transportation system with a total length of approximately 83 km, and thereby promoting regional economic development and improving urban environment, through mitigation of traffic jams and decrease of pollution caused by the increasing number of motor vehicles.

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Public Transport

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South Asia



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