Disaster Risk Management Program

The overall program aims to contribute towards social and economic development goals of the National Governments and State Governments in two sub national networking hubs to minimize loss of development from Natural Disasters and reduce vulnerability. As per the design, the expected output of the program is to demonstrate a sustainable model for mainstreaming disaster risk management (DRM) at different levels with special focus at District and Community Level. The core theme however, is to strengthen capacities of communities, local selfgovernments and districts to deal with future disasters. The projects indicators of achieving the objectives are: Risk reduction factored in rapid disaster recovery.Disaster mitigated and development gains protected. Disaster risk considerations mainstreamed into development. Gender equity in preparedness.

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Theme of Evaluation: 

Disaster risk reduction

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South Asia

Type of Evaluation: 

Outcome Evaluation



Evaluation Author: 

Santosh Kumar; K. Mukundan; Nisheeth Kumar; Prema Gopalan; Kenneth Westgate

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