Enabling Activities for the preparation of Initial National Communications Related to the UNFCC

The United Republic of Tanzania has demonstrated keen interest in contributing to global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by participating actively in many climate change activities. The economy of the United Republic of Tanzania has since 1986 been undergoing restructuring from a centralized and Statecontrolled economy to a market-oriented one. Agriculture is the most important economic activity, supplying both food and raw materials. This evaluation looks at various issues such as the institutional framework, project management and coordination that were employed to facilitate the implementation of the GEF Enabling Activity Project. The project was executed under the auspices of CEEST in collaboration with the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC). The Division of Environment, under the Vice-President's Office, also played a role in the implementation.

Thematic Cluster: 

Enabling/ empowering activities/ capacity building (government)

Theme of Evaluation: 

Enabling Activities

GEF Funding: 


Level of Evaluation: 



Subsaharan Africa

Type of Evaluation: 

Final Evaluation





Evaluation Author: 

Evaluation and Oversight Unit - Abel Mbewe

Year of Evaluation: