Energy Efficiency Finance: An Impact Evaluation of China Utility-Based Energy Efficiency Finance (CHUEE) Program (Approach Paper)

The CHUEE program was designed by the IFC to enable commercial banks in China to provide energy efficiency equipment loans to SME energy users and to finance energy service companies (ESCOs) activities.  The project was part funded through a GEF grant of $16.5 million and IFC investment worth $41.1 million, alongside other donors and Chinese partner financial institutions.  The program's objectives were to create effective, commercially sustainable delivery mechanisms for developing, implementing and financing energy efficiency projects to reduce GHG emissions and other adverse environmental impacts. The program also addressed barriers to the promotion of energy efficiency in China. 

In this report, the IEG's proposed evaluation methodology focuses on efficacy and impacts of the IFC intervention on energy efficiency finance in China through the CHUEE by establishing comparison groups of participating banks and their clients with similar groups for "with-without" scenarios.  This was to be supplemented by before-after comparison of the participating banks and their borrowers for energy efficiency projects.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy efficiency

Theme of Evaluation: 

Industrial Energy Efficiency

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East Asia and Pacific

Type of Evaluation: 

Impact Evaluation





Evaluation Author: 

Independent Evaluation Group - IFC

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