Energy Efficiency Promotion Project (ENEP), Thailand. Ex-post Evaluation 2007. Brief report 2009

Thailand was a net energy importing country since it began a new phase of coordinated eco-nomic development in 1964. In turning from an agro-based economy to an industrial-based one, there has been a rapid and constant increase of energy consumption in Thailand, the only exception being during an energy crisis between mid-1997 and 1999. The interest in energy conservation for commercial buildings arose after an oil price hike and an oil short-age. Thailand's policy measure on energy efficiency in buildings is constituted by the Ministe-rial Regulation issued under the Energy Conservation Promotion Act.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy efficiency

Theme of Evaluation: 

Industrial Energy Efficiency

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Level of Evaluation: 

Private Sector


East Asia and Pacific



Evaluation Author: 

Dr. Wolfgang Meyer, et al

Year of Evaluation: