Energy Efficient Project

This project was designed to support an Energy Efficiency Program in Brazil. The global environmental objective of the project was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the efficiency of energy supply and use in Brazil using a market-based approach. The project objective was fully consistent with GEF Operational Program No. 5, namely the removal of barriers to EE and energy conservation. The objective of OP5 is the dissemination of least-economic cost energy-efficient technologies and the promotion of the efficient use of energy. The EE program would reduce the risk of climate change by mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which would help Brazil to meet its commitments under the UNFCCC through intensified national efforts to improve energy efficiency in various sectors.

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Energy efficiency

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Other Energy Efficiency

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Latin America and Caribbean

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Implementation Completion Report




World Bank

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Sustainable Development Department, Latin America and the Caribbean Region

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