Energy Technical Assistance And Rehabilitation, and Urban Household Energy Project.

The Energy Technical Assistance and Rehabilitation Project was prepared and approved in 1987 in response to the civil conflict in Mozambique. It was realized that, without rehabilitation of the energy infrastructure, energy services would deteriorate even more and that improvements were needed to both the infrastructure and the supply of affordable energy services to support the economic recovery o f the country. The project had two objectives: to bring about rapidly a sustained improvement in the supply and distribution of electricity and petroleum products in the main urban areas of Mozambique; and to support economic recovery beyond the short term by helping energy agencies to prepare plans for the sound development of the power, petroleum, and household energylwood fuels subsectors.

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Thematic Cluster: 

Energy sector measures

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Energy

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Subsaharan Africa

Type of Evaluation: 

Project Performance Assessment Report


World Bank

Evaluation Author: 

Independent Evaluation Group (ex-Operations Evaluation Department)

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