Environmental Projects in Tunisia and Senegal

Sida requested the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate Swedish environmental support to Tunisia and Senegal during the last 10 years. For this purpose Sida selected six projects in Tunisia and five in Senegal, all in the field of the environment. The projects in Tunisia were: two for training personnel working at sewage treatment plants, three for technical support and studies for constructing wastewater treatment plants, and one for the development of a regional environmental action plan. The projects in Senegal were: one for the development of a National Environmental Action Plan, one to hold a seminar for implementation of this plan, one to work out a system for environmental monitoring, one for the rehabilitation of sewage systems in three cities, and one for environmental studies in industry.

Thematic Cluster: 

Integrated environmental management

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Evaluation Author: 

Department for Infrastructure and Economic Cooperation - Ulf von Bromssen and Kajsa Sundberg

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