Ertan Hydroelectric Project

The Ertan Hydroelectric Scheme is located on the lower reaches of the Yalong River in the southwestern province of Sichuan. Shortages of electricity in the province were, when the project was identified, and still are a major constraint to its economic development and to the improvement of the population's living standards. The objectives of the Project were to: provide additional generation capacity in Sichuan Province to alleviate the acute shortage of electricity; assist in the transfer of modern power technology and efficient dam construction method; contribute to further improvements in the analyses of environmental and ecological impacts of hydroelectric resource development; enhance the institutional development of the beneficiary, Ertan Hydroelectric Development Corporation (EHDC), by strengthening its organization through a comprehensive management training program and introduction of economic efficiency and sound pricing principles; and provide technical assistance in project design and implementation, and for the promotion of the optimal operation of the power system, prudent financial management, and manpower development.

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Renewable energy

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Renewable Energy

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East Asia and Pacific

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Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

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Infrastructure Operations Division; China and Mongolia Department; East Asia and Pacific Regional Office

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