Evaluation of the Joint Climate Change Initiative (JCCI) in Cambodia

In 2010 three international NGOs – Swedish Forum Syd, Danish DanChurchAid/ Christian Aid (DCA/CA) and Cord – set up a programme concerning climate change adaptation in Cambodia, in cooperation with a number of Cambodian NGOs, called the Joint Climate Change Initiative (JCCI). The total budget will be around 16 MSEK. It will formally end in December 2013.

The project was implemented in steps and initially comprised the capacity development of 22 NGOs in climate change and in results-based management. This knowledge was used by the individual NGOs to work with communities to develop projects for climate change adaptation and mitigation from a rights-based perspective. The partner projects are aimed at improving livelihoods and/or pursuing human rights issues.

Area of Evaluation: 

Adaptation and Mitigation

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Adaptation

Level of Evaluation: 



South Asia





Evaluation Author: 

Stefan Dahlgren, Ian Christoplos and Chou Phanith

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