Gas Investment Project

This evaluation assesses a Gas Investment Project in Egypt supported by the World Bank. The project involved the following components:

  1. A Greater Cairo gas distribution component to finance pipeline and related equipment for extending the existing gas distribution, and displacing LPG, gas oil and fuel oil; and
  2. a Trans Gulf gas component to finance gas compressors, gas treatment facilities and the platform template required for the gathering of an extra 70 million cubic feet per day of gas for delivery to the national grid. Three studies were also carried out.

In terms of results, the evaluation rates overall project outcome as satisfactory, with project sustainability likely. Key lessons learned included: in terms of the procurement of specialized contracts, greater review should be made on the specifications prepared by the consultants. Secondly, the consultants should work closely with PETROGAS, the petroleum gas company in Cairo, and not entirely in their head office. Thirdly, the World Bank's close supervision and close continuous communication in resolving outstanding issues greatly contributed to achieving success.

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Energy efficiency

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Other Energy

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Middle East and North Africa

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Implementation Completion Report




World Bank

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Energy Sector; Infrastructure Development Group; Middle East and North Africa Region

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