Geothermal Development and Energy Preinvestment Project

The objectives of the project were: to assist Kenya in preparing an expansion of its electric generating capacity at least cost through utilization of indigenous energy resources. This included mobilization and institutional development of a major geothermal development program to be implemented over the subsequent 20 years; comparative evaluation of potential hydro sites; development of options for energy pricing policies that encourage more efficient use of fuels and achieve savings and resource mobilization; and rural electrification policy and household fuel supply and distribution.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Renewable energy

Theme of Evaluation: 

Renewable Energy

GEF Funding: 


Level of Evaluation: 



Subsaharan Africa

Type of Evaluation: 

Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

Evaluation Author: 

Water, Urban and Energy 1 Division; Eastern and Southern Africa Department; Africa Region

Year of Evaluation: