GHG pollution prevention project : climate change supplement (GEP-CCS) -- fostering climate change initiative[s] for sustainable development : task 1A -- training needs assessment report for LBSNAA

The USAUD/India Mission's activities in energy and industry focus on the promotion of clean energy development, efficient energy use, and pollution reduction in key industries and municipalities. USAID seeks strengthen the incentives and institutional capacity of key Indian stakeholders for the adoption of clean energy technology practises and certified environmental management systems that are climate friendly, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). India is the world's sixth largest second fastest growing cnosumer in the world. New fossil fuel supply facilities, urban transportation facilites, and electric power generation facilites, are being added at a rapid rate in order to quench the existing energy deficit as well as the growing demand. Despite this effort, shortages persist in electric power supply and continue to exist and stand as the major inhibitor of rapid industrial and economic growth. India's greenhouse gas emissions have increased by about 40% in the last five years, third fastest rate in the world and is well beyond that of most emerging markets in the world.

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Energy efficiency

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Other Mitigation

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South Asia



Evaluation Author: 

Julie Haines, Nagataja Rao, et al.

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