Impact Evaluation and Interventions to Address Climate Change: A Scoping Study

This paper argues that to support the effective allocation of substantial climate funds, the selection and design of climate change interventions (both mitigation and adaptation) should be based on evidence of what works, what doesn't, under what circumstances and at what cost. This paper is intended to be of relevance to climate change professionals on the one hand, and impact evaluators on the other. However, as the applicability of IE techniques to climate change interventions has not been widely considered, the paper does not purport to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Instead, it sketches out the terrain on which future studies might build.

Thematic Cluster: 

Mitigation and Adaptation

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Mitigation

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Type of Evaluation: 

Final Evaluation



Evaluation Author: 

Martin Prowse, Birte Snilstveit

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