Jelgava District Heating Rehabilitation Project

This evaluation assesses the Jelgava District Heating Rehabilitation Project which comprised two components:

  1. rehabilitation of the DH system, through a program to upgrade the system to a variable flow regime; increase boiler efficiency; abate leakages; install heat meters; eliminate environmentally unsound, low-stack coal-fired boilers; and strengthen the maintenance function; and
  2. institutional support for policy reform, project implementation and enterprise restructuring for project agencies.

In terms of its success, the evaluation indicates the project met most of its objectives. Lessons learned included issues concerning demand forecasts, tariff and regulatory policies, competition with gas, evaluation of DH systems as whole, and the need to resolve pending liabilities of the beneficiary before the commencement of implementation.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy efficiency

Theme of Evaluation: 

Building Energy Efficiency

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Level of Evaluation: 



Europe and Central Asia

Type of Evaluation: 

Implementation Completion Report




World Bank

Evaluation Author: 

Energy Sector Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region (ECSEG)

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