Lake Balaton Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Early Warning and Adaptation Strategies

The objective of the project was to contribute to a better understanding of the Lake Balaton ecological and socio/economic system's vulnerability and resilience arising from multiple forces of global and local change, including land use, demographic, economic and climate change and build capacity for more effective policy making and adaptation measures in response. The project strategy included five outcomes: Strengthened ecological and socio/economic resilience by increased understanding of lake and watershed processes viewed through the lens of vulnerability and adaptation; Strengthened capacity for formulating and implementing adaptive strategies compatible with sustainable development; Strengthened the policy framework conducive to adaptive management with particular interest to institutional mechanisms and economic incentives and disincentives; Facilitated adaptation to the impacts of climate change through direct action in the form of pilot initiatives funded through LBDC's existing small grants facility and innovative financing mechanisms; and, Enhanced public and policymaker awareness of integrated vulnerability and adaptation approaches locally, nationally and internationally, including contribution to the GEF's project on the Adaptation Learning Mechanisms.

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Science, assessment, monitoring and early warning

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Europe and Central Asia

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Final Evaluation



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Jean-Joseph Bellamy

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