Liepaja Region Solid Waste Management Project

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate self-sustaining, modern management of municipal solid waste through maximum collection and utilization of landfill gas (LFG) in the city and district of Liepaja. Other objectives include;demonstrating modern sanitary landfill techniques on a regional basis; strengthening institutional capacity at the local/regional levels on issues related to municipal solid waste management; arresting the on-going contamination of groundwater; reducing environmental disamenities for neighbors of existing disposal sites that would be closed; facilitating the separation of recyclable material; and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through an emission reduction agreement with the Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF).

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Thematic Cluster: 

Renewable energy

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Europe and Central Asia

Type of Evaluation: 

Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

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Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region

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