Midterm Review of the READY II Project

The READY Project's overall goal is to contribute to the goal of strengthening the capacities of key stakeholders in localities vulnerable to natural hazards to protect/enhance the quality of the environment and sustainably manage their natural resources, as well as their capacities to prepare and respond appropriately to natural disasters. The project aims to provide immediate, reliable information to the communities at risk, on the various geological and hydro-meteorological hazards in their respective localities. Its three immediate objectives are: Equip key stakeholder groups with the resources (financial, technical, and/or advisory services), knowledge and training that enable them to perform effectively for disaster risk reduction; Strengthen coordination processes and procedures, within organizations and sectors (public, private and community) for effective risk reduction; and initiate the mainstreaming of risk reduction into local development planning.

Area of Evaluation: 


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Theme of Evaluation: 

Disaster risk reduction

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East Asia and Pacific



Evaluation Author: 

Antonio L. Fernandez and Alwynn C. Javier

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