Nepal, Small Hydropower Promotion

The project addresses the problem of inadequate electricity supply and aims to improve the social and economic livelihood of the rural population. The overall objective is therefore to increase the distribution of hydropower stations in order to assure energy supply through small hydropower in rural areas of the country. To achieve the objective, the project uses a multi-level-approach. On the macro level, government institutions are supported in the revision and compilation of legislative proposals and general guidelines for the SHP sector as well as for rural electrification. On the meso level, the project serves as a brokerage and mediation authority for investors, banks and end-users in the SHP sector. On the micro level, the project supports end users through training measures. The emphasis of the project activities is on the meso level. The intended direct result of the project is increased distribution of private small hydropower plants (SHP) in rural areas, assuring the provision of energy independent of state involvement.

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Renewable energy

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Renewable Energy

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South Asia



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Center for Evaluation

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