The Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme (NCAP)

The evaluation is expected to address both general and country specific issues. General issues deal with the relevance and approach of Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme (NCAP) with respect to both Directorate General of International Cooperation of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and participating countries; implementation issues in terms of the organization of NCAP, the effective use of available resources and timing of activities; and the sustainability of the results. Country specific issues will be primarily based on the three countries visited that reflect different levels of progress: Tanzania as an example of what NCAP has attempted to achieve; Ghana as a country that has moved at average pace; and Suriname as a country that had faced serious delays. Progress in each of these countries will be assessed in terms of project performance indicators that have been designed by the project itself, grouped under the headings: project management; quality of the study; in-country coordination; and policy influence.

Thematic Cluster: 

Organizational sector evaluation

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Other Mitigation

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Evaluation Author: 

Rob Koudstaal and Mrs Dorothy A. Amwata

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