Outcome Evaluation on Access to Sustainable Energy

The Outcome Evaluation covers UNDP's sustainable energy programme for 2005-2008, consisting of: Kazakhstan Wind Power Market Development Initiative, Project on Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Municipal Heat and Hot Water Supply, Preparation of Kazakhstan's Second National Communication to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and GEF Small Grants Programme. The purpose of the Evaluation is to determine whether, and to what extent, these projects collectively contributed to changes towards sustainable energy development in Kazakhstan. Specific attention is paid to the primary outcome of increasing the poor's livelihood opportunities through sustainable energy sources, signified by a 50% increase in the amount of energy produced from renewable sources against the baseline production in 1999.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy sector measures

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Energy

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Level of Evaluation: 



Europe and Central Asia

Type of Evaluation: 

Outcome Evaluation



Evaluation Author: 

K. V. Ramani

Year of Evaluation: