Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Phaseout GEF Project

The objective of the project was to assist Poland in carrying out a Country Program to phase out ODS consumption and enable existing users to shift to more ozone friendly technologies. In so doing Poland would be helping to maintain the Earth's ozone shield that protects its inhabitants from UVB sun radiation. This objective was to have been met by supporting priority sub-projects identified in the Country Program for technology conversion to non-CFC materials, supporting the establishment of a nationwide network for CFC recovery, reclamation, and recycling (3R) operations, and improving the capacity of the Ministry of Environment to manage and oversee the phaseout of ODS in Poland through institutional strengthening.

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Integrated environmental management

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Other Mitigation

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Ozone depleting substances phase out projects

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Europe and Central Asia

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Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

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