Project for Energy Efficiency Improvement of Power Plant in Turkey

To improve energy efficiency, an effective approach was taken to improve the maintenance and control capacity of the power plant employees in conjunction with measures to recover the performance of depreciated power faciliries through rehabilitation (renewal). Presently, the priority issue for EUAS is to rehabilitate thermal power plants that have been in operation for 20 to 25 years in a total of ten locations. There is a high need to improve the energy efficiency of its coal-fired thermal power plants, while keeping in mind the effective use of coal, one of its few domestic resources, global environmental problems, and EU membership. However, due to inadequate cumulative knowledge and experience on the part of EUAS in rehabilitating power facilities, it did not have sufficient capacity to appropriately plan, imprement, and manage rehabilitation, in addition to a lack of technical skills and knowledge to apptopriately maintenance the rehabilitated facilities.

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Energy efficiency

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Other Energy Efficiency

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Power plants

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Europe and Central Asia

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Final Evaluation



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