Promoting Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises - Vietnam

The project development goal is to reduce the annual growth rate of GHG emissions through the removal of key barriers to the adoption of more energy efficient technologies and energy efficient practices in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.To achieve this goal, the Project was designed with a number of expected project outcomes: Improved EE&EC awareness and improved capacity for EE&EC policy development that would increase the impact of existing policies and recently enacted EE&EC decree through strengthened relevant ministries, departments and agencies of the Government of Vietnam; Adoption of a communications strategy to enhance SME and public awareness of EE&EC through an integrated communications system including information collection, dissemination and reporting; Enhanced EE&EC capacity that has been developed through a comprehensive training plan that improves technical and financial skills; High quality and sustainable energy services available in Vietnam through development of technical support for EE&EC professionals; Improved understanding of the banking and financial sector of the benefits of EE&EC investments to the extent that they would be willing to finance SMEs through loan guarantees; Full operational demonstration projects that increase the credibility of EE&EC investments and improve the probabilities of replication.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Enabling/ empowering activities/ capacity building (government)

Theme of Evaluation: 

Building Energy Efficiency

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East Asia and Pacific



Evaluation Author: 

Roland Wong

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