Removal of Barriers to Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

The major project outcomes were the CO2 emission reduction of 351, 531 tonnes and cumulative emission reduction of 580, 225 tonnes. Assessment of energy saving potential produced; Over 100 training programmes prepared and delivered. Over 1200 trained from over 400 institutions. Eight experts accredited with Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certificates. Over 50 walkthrough energy audits and 20 full energy audits were completed.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Energy efficiency

Theme of Evaluation: 

Education and training

GEF Funding: 


Level of Evaluation: 

Private Sector and Local


Subsaharan Africa

Type of Evaluation: 

Terminal Evaluation Review



Evaluation Author: 

GEF Evaluation Office (GEFEO)

Year of Evaluation: