Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Improvements in the Steel Re-rolling Mill Sector in India

Steel re-rolling is one of the most important segments of the steel industry, as it constitutes an unavoidable link in the total supply chain of iron and steel. The secondary steel production constitutes approximately 57% of the total steel production in India. It mainly takes place in steel re-rolling mills (SRRM) that usually are family-run small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with 75% of units in the small scale. The SRRM sector is comprised of about 1, 200 (working) re-rolling mills. The SRRM sector grew with 6% annually during 1997-2002. With no major large steel plant additions planned in the near future, the share of secondary is expected to grow in the near future, also because the sector has some competitive edge due to flexibility in production for meeting low-tonnage requirements in various grades, shapes and sizes to serve niche markets.

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Energy efficiency

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Building Energy Efficiency

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Industrial and production process efficiency

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South Asia





Evaluation Author: 

Jan van den Akker, International consultant; Rajesh Kumar Singh, National consultant

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