Resource-conserving Irrigation with Photovoltaic Pumping Systems, Chile. Ex-post Evaluation 2007. Brief Report 2008

The project contribution includes provision of the photovoltaic pumps, on-the-job training, public relations work, consultancy and continuous support, as well as documenting the experiences. At the time Germany's assistance ended in May 2002, the partner experts and equipment users in the three project countries Chile, Ethiopia and Jordan had been qualified to evaluate the PVP technology for irrigation purposes from organisational, economic and technical perspectives and where appropriate to share their experiences with intermediary institutions. It was possible to demonstrate the technical reliability and ecological advantages of the irrigation systems during the pilot projects in the three countries. Valuable findings were made at least in Chile as regards the economic evaluation of the application potentials of such systems.

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Renewable energy

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Renewable Energy

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Latin America and Caribbean



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Kirchheim unter Teck, et al

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