Rural Electrification Upgradation Project

The project aims to improve the efficiency and stability of electricity supply in the rural areas from Jamuna River and to the south/west through the construction and rehabilitation of power distribution facilities. The Project in particular is expected to contribute to the improvement of livelihood in the poverty-stricken rural areas through efforts to satisfy power demand that increases in the dry season for the better operation of irrigation facilities. In addition, the Project is also expected to reduce system loss in the existing power distribution networkThe purpose of the Project is to construct and rehabilitate the existing power distribution facilities to reduce power distribution loss and strengthen and stabilize the power supply systems, which will make power supply efficient and thereby contribute to the economic development and poverty reduction in the western and the southern part of Bangladesh. In addition, the Project will also contribute to the elimination of greenhouse gas through improvements in the efficiency of aged power distribution facilities.

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Energy efficiency

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Other Energy Efficiency

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Power plants

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South Asia



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