Sichuan Gas Transmission and Distribution Rehabilitation

This project has succeeded in assisting the Government of China and partners in restructuring the upstream oil and gas sector to make it more efficient and accountable on the production, distribution and proper maintenance of the gas pipelines for optimal prevention of GHG emissions. The provision and installation of state-of-the-art technology, as well as the provision of international technical services related to gaz production and distribution and proper pipeline maintenance have created a favourable context for the development and conservation of gas resources in an economic, efficient and environmentally sound manner. The project also succeeded in institutional strengthening through a program of in-country and overseas training involving several hundred professional staff in numerous fields related to gas production, distribution and pipeline rehabilitation.

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Energy efficiency

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Renewable Energy

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Industrial and production process efficiency

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East Asia and Pacific

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Terminal Evaluation Review



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GEF Evaluation Office (GEFEO)

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