Strengthening capacity for disaster management in Zimbabwe

The project aimed at strengthening the capacity of government at all levels to support local communities to be better prepared for disasters and to be more effective in responding to disasters when they occur. As a result of this intervention, communities will become more aware of disaster risks and how they can be reduced. The primary target beneficiaries are central government through the Department of Civil Protection, local government through Provincial and District disaster management committees and local population at grassroots.The project focuses on five main areas:Institutional capacity needs assessment (Assessing structures, systems, human resources, capital, equipment etc). Disaster risk assessment (analysis of the hazards, vulnerabilities and capacity of communities to determine the nature and extent of their risk). Updating the national strategy and plan and also supporting the preparation of pilot provincial and district disaster management strategies and plans in selected pilot provinces and districts. Support to the legislative and policy development and implementation process and institutional strengthening (Done through training, equipment and materials acquisition).

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Disaster risk reduction

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Subsaharan Africa

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Final Evaluation



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Best Practices (PVT) Ltd - G.I Manikai

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