Transport Air Quality Management Project for the Metropolitan Area

The three projects addressed different but important dimensions of Mexico's transport sector and were consistent with the Bank's assistance strategy for the country. The Transport Air Quality project, a complex project that was the first Bank operation anywhere to integrate transport and air quality, aimed to reduce the high level of vehicle emissions in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA), develop a policy framework for transport and air policy, and strengthen institutional capabilities. The Highway project, which continued a series o f Bank interventions supporting Mexico's highway system, aimed to protect the federal road network, improve planning of highway maintenance, improve road funding, and improve highway safety. The Infrastructure Privatization project, which supported the government's push to accelerate privatization, aimed to help design and implement privatization of infrastructure, including development of a regulatory framework, rehabilitation and maintenance of the federal road network, and the privatization of state-provided transport and other infrastructure services.

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Organizational sector evaluation

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Latin America and Caribbean

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Project Performance Assessment Report




World Bank

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Independent Evaluation Group (ex-Operations Evaluation Department)

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