Western Java Environmental Management Project

The objectives of the three-tranche Western Java Environmental Management Program are to strengthen institutionally and economically the local, provincial and regional institutions responsible for waste management and environmental control; to develop local environmental strategies and plans within the national strategy; to increase community awareness and participation in environmental management both at the local government and community levels; to improve waste collection and disposal as well as support activities directed at waste reduction, reuse and recycling; to improve the environmental conditions of a number of specific, high priority localities; and to assist in developing a commercial level composting industry through a grant from the GEF.

Area of Evaluation: 


Thematic Cluster: 

Sustainable community development

Theme of Evaluation: 

Other Mitigation

GEF Funding: 


Level of Evaluation: 



East Asia and Pacific

Type of Evaluation: 

Implementation Completion Report


World Bank

Evaluation Author: 

Urban Development Sector Unit; Sustainable Development Department; East Asia and Pacific Region

Year of Evaluation: