Online Event: How do Innovative Evaluations Contribute to Achieving SDG 2?

Event Starting Date: 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Event Location: 


In the context of the gLOCAL week, the evaluation offices of FAO, IFAD and WFP with the support of EvalForward organized an online learning event on innovative methods and approaches in evaluation, and on how innovations can provide lessons for progress under SDG2 “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. The event took place 4 June 2020.

Key note by Masahiro Igarashi, Director of FAO Office of Evaluation and Chair of the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG)

Parallel sessions:

1. Innovative approaches and tools for evaluation. This session will discuss approaches that evaluation can adopt in times of crisis and present practical methods and tools such as remote sensing and synthesis, and more. Speakers: Hansdeep Khaira (IFAD) and Carlos Tarazona (FAO)

2. Learning from experience: Community-driven development approaches and innovations. This session will illustrate how evaluations contribute to knowledge and learning, using the cases of the evaluation synthesis on community-driven development (CDD) approaches and the corporate-level evaluation on innovations in IFAD. Speakers: Johanna Pennarz (IFAD) and Maximin Kouessi Kodjio (IFAD)

3. Going visual in a virtual world: how visualization is bringing greater engagement to evaluation discussions. Recent experiences in using visual tools for presenting and discussing evaluation work that can be also used in virtual settings will be presented, with examples from Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar. Speakers: Yumiko Kanemitsu (WFP) and Keisuke Taketani (facilitation and visualisation expert)

Following the event, participants will receive all materials discussed and shared.

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