Webinar on the role of evaluation for climate action

Event Starting Date: 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Event Location: 


Building on the outcomes of the recent UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), this event aims to facilitate a dialogue on the role that evaluation can play for learning and bringing solutions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Bringing together evaluators and development practitioners, this event will offer a platform to exchange on the shifts that evaluation practices must undertake to help tackle the climate crisis, while also shedding light on initiatives that trigger transformation at all levels of society, with a focus on development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in agriculture and food security.

Following a key note presentation, participants will be invited to join and discuss in parallel sessions where a short presentation will be followed by facilitated discussions. The expected outcome is a collective reflection on the actions and ways forward for advancing the role of evaluation in support to learning and transformation for climate change action.


  • Opening remarks by Allison Smith, Director, CGIAR Advisory Services
  • Key note by Jyotsna Puri (Jo), Associate Vice-President - Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD
  • Parallel sessions: 
  1. The role of evaluation in climate change decision making, facilitated by Nanthi Suppiramaniam, senior evaluation officer, IFAD
  2. Evaluating climate initiatives: what are we missing in our approach and toolbox? facilitated by Luisa Belli, evaluation officer, FAO
  3. Evaluating Climate Change synergies and trade-offs: the case of agriculture and food security and what research is telling us, facilitated by Svetlana Negroustoueva, evaluation function lead, CGIAR
  4. Climate change impact evaluations approaches, facilitated by Jonas Heirman, evaluation officer (impact evaluation), WFP
  • Reporting back in plenary
  • Concluding remarks by Andrea Cook, Director of Evaluation, WFP

More information, including how to register, on the EvalForward website.

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