Earth-Eval members are encouraged to present their recent work in our webinars if subject matter is relevant. This creates an opportunity to meet other professionals in a similar field, receive feedback and allows for a knowledge exchange of information between members.

Climate-Eval webcasts GIZ international Workshop on Climate Adaptation M&E

Rob D. van den Berg, Director of the Global Environment Facility Independent Evaluation Office, delivered the opening remarks via a live video feed from Washington DC. Talking about climate adaptation, he said that"the difficulties are actually in determining what actually would constitute successful adaptation". This is central to the role of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office as "the GEF is the biggest funder of adaptation activities in developing countries".

Evaluating Innovative Adaptation Approaches

The Climate Change Team which conducted the evaluation and presented is composed of Sara Trab Nielsen, Annie Roncerel, and Bjorn Conrad. A question-and-answer portion after the presentation allowed participants to interact with the presenters. The webinar was moderated by Ms. Anna Viggh, Senior Evaluation Officer and Climate Change Team Leader at the GEF EO. About 80 online participants from different parts of the world logged-on to join.

Follow-up to Webinar on Guidelines for Climate Mitigation Evaluations

Dr. Christine Wörlen presented her second webinar for the Climate Evaluators Community of Practice. The presentation focused on some of the more operational aspects of the guidelines. The guidelines have two parts. Part I deals with some of the more conceptual aspects, while Part II deals with more aspects relating to the practical application of the guidelines.

First climate-eval webinar on Theory of No Change

In this first Webinar, Dr. Christine Wörlen presented the Theory of No Change hosted by the Climate-Eval moderation team. Learn more about the meta-evaluation of mitigation and learn about the possibilties of barriers.


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