Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation Systems: What can we learn for the MRV of agricultural NAMAs?

Mechanisms for support to Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) have potential to upscale adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices in developing countries.

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People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Project (PPAR)

The development and global environment objectives of this project were to improve the efficiency of energy use in the People's Republic of China and facilitate reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants through energy efficiency investments.  The project had three components:to

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China: Ganzhou - Longyan Railway Project

The Project was to provide efficient and low-cost transportation for passengers and goods, which would increase the development of natural resources and industry bringing more income to the local community and thus help reduce poverty.

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Energy Efficiency Finance: An Impact Evaluation of China Utility-Based Energy Efficiency Finance (CHUEE) Program (Approach Paper)

The CHUEE program was designed by the IFC to enable commercial banks in China to provide energy efficiency equipment loans to SME energy users and to finance energy service companies (ESCOs) activities.  The project was part funded through a GEF grant of $16.5 million and IFC investment worth $4

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Renewable Energy Development Project - GEF

Development of sustainable markets for wind and photovoltaic (PV) technologies, in order to increase supply of electricity in an environmentally sustainable way and improve access of isolated rural populations to electricity services.

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Report of the Outcome Evaluation on Energy (CPO-06)

The phenomenal economic growth and the world's largest national population of China and its extensive dependence on coal and petroleum have led to many critical and massive environmental effects.

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Améliorer la qualité énergétique des bâtiments : les leçons de quatre programmes FFEM en Chine au Liban et en Tunisie

Le présent rapport constitue la synthèse des évaluations rétrospectives de quatre programmes d'efficacité énergétique dans la construction qui ont bénéficié de financements du Fonds français pour l'environnement mondial (FFEM).

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Second National Railways Project (Zhe-Gan Line)

The Ministry of Railways has been facing mounting competition from the expanding highway system. It faced the dual challenges of increasing capacity as well as increasing service quality while maintaining profitability.

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China - Hefei-Xi'an Railway Project

The Hefei-Xi'an Railway Project (the Project) was conceived as a key intervention to promote pro-poor growth and create the employment and income-generating activities needed to reduce poverty.

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