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People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Project (PPAR)

The development and global environment objectives of this project were to improve the efficiency of energy use in the People's Republic of China and facilitate reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants through energy efficiency investments.  The project had three components:to

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Chile, Satiago - Sustainable Transport and Air Quality (GEF)

To help reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) from ground transport in Santiago through the promotion of a long-term modal shift to more efficient and less polluting forms of transport, and the adoption of sustainable low-GHG transport measures.

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Renewable Energy Project

Since 1996, the Turkish Government has embarked on a comprehensive electricity reform program that aims to establish a competitive electricity market with the goal to increase private investment, improve supply- and demand-side efficiency, and ensure energy supply security in an environmentally s

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Uganda - Energy for Rural Transformation Project

Uganda's economy had been consistently registering strong economic performance, with an average real rate of growth of about 6.9 percent since 1990/91 and an average annual increase in real per capita income of 3.7 percent over the previous decade.

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Mexico - Introduction of Climate Friendly measures in Transport

The project development objective is to contribute to the development of policies and measures that will assist in a long-term modal shift toward climate-friendly, more efficient and less polluting, less carbon intensive transport in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA).

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Energy and Water Sector Reform and Development Project - GEF

Development objectives are to improve the supply of power, water and sanitation systems; to increase operational and end-use efficiency in the power and water sectors: to lessen the barriers to the development of renewable energy resources; and foster sound management of water resources.

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Lithuania - Vilnius Heat Demand Management

This report evaluates a GEF-supported Energy Conservation Program in Lithuania which aimed at reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from a city heating provider, Vilnius District Heating System.

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Krakow Energy Efficiency Project

The Krakow Energy Efficiency Projec's development objective was to improve the energy efficiency of the city's district heating (DH) system, decrease heat energy consumption by improving energy efficiency at the end-user level, and develop knowledge-based mechanisms to finance energy efficiency p

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Renewable Energy Development Project - GEF

Development of sustainable markets for wind and photovoltaic (PV) technologies, in order to increase supply of electricity in an environmentally sustainable way and improve access of isolated rural populations to electricity services.

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