Viet Nam

Support Program to Respond to Climate Change (I)

Viet Nam has a long coastline stretching roughly 3, 400 km and a vast delta area. According to the researches done by other donors and institutions, such as the World Bank, Viet Nam is one of the most vulnerable countries to effects of climate change.

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Promoting Project

The objective of this project is to promote Energy Efficiency (EE) activities and Renewable Energy (RE) investments in enterprises (End-borrowers) in Viet Nam, by promoting awareness campaign, and providing financial assistance to End-borrowers through the Viet Nam Development Bank (VDB), and to

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Promoting Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises - Viet Nam

The project development goal is to reduce the annual growth rate of GHG emissions through the removal of key barriers to the adoption of more energy efficient technologies and energy efficient practices in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.To achieve this goal, the Project was designed with

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Capacity Building for Disaster Reduction

This evaluation assesses the outcomes of UNDP's support to capacity building for disaster reduction in Viet Nam.

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Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Initial National Communications Related to the UNFCCC - Viet Nam

The objective of the project was to assist Viet Nam to prepare the Initial National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change.

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