Clean Energy & Climate Change Opportunities Assessment for USAID/Mexico

This assessment seeks to identify opportunities for the USAID/Mexico Mission to address high?priority clean energy and climate change challenges in Mexico and provide the Mission with recommendations for the design of a new Mission clean energy and climate change program.

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Mexico - Introduction of Climate Friendly measures in Transport

The project development objective is to contribute to the development of policies and measures that will assist in a long-term modal shift toward climate-friendly, more efficient and less polluting, less carbon intensive transport in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA).

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Capacity Building for Stage II Adaptation to Climate Change in Central America, Mexico and Cuba (Stage 2)

The project was conceived as a UNDP/GEF enabling activity with the aim to support the countries in the region in their efforts to include vulnerability to climate change in their adaptation strategies.

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Third Ozone Depleting Substances Phase out (Montreal Protocol)

The project financed the incremental costs of conversion to non-ODS technology for a group of priority cost-effective sub-projects in four industrial sectors, contributing to reduce ODS consumption in Mexico.

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Sector de Medio Ambiente y Energ

El respaldo que las instituciones de cooperación internacionales, entre ellas el PNUD, le otorgan a México resulta de fundamental importancia en el proceso interno de reforma y modernización que el país lleva a cabo para fortalecer los criterios ambientales y transitar hacia el modelo de desa

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High Efficiency Lighting Project

The project objectives were to demonstrate the technical and financial feasibility of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and simultaneously reduce local environmental contamination through the widespread installation of high efficiency lighting; build institutional capacity for technological

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Hydroelectric Development Project

The project objectives were to assist the sector in: promoting the efficient use of electricity through realistic pricing policies, energy conservation and improvement of sector operations; diversifying the sources of power generation and reducing the participation of oilbased generation; strengt

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